Note from the Authors:  The Linden Lexicon is the source material to which we are continually adding for the purpose of  allowing us to maintain continuity and consistency. It is an encyclopedic work-in-progress. We are delighted to be able to share parts of it with you. We anticipate adding to these excerpts from time to time, so check back to see what has been added.
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Excerpts from

The Linden Lexicon

A Source Book of Matters Pertaining to the World of Linden


Rikard Wulfenstone

Rikard Wulfenstone (b. SW 9450) was a Master of the Harpers' Guild of Aridion. His specialties were geography and history. He spent his entire lifetime compiling this record. Master Wulfenstone did not live to see his masterpiece published, having departed this world for the Halls of Waiting in SW 9625. The team of editors took three years putting his massively extensive notes and writings in order and preparing this tome for publication. We felt we could best honor him by remaining anonymous so that he and he alone is honored by its publication. The project could not have reached fruition without the personal interest and support given by Rolenz XVI, King of Aridion. It is with the most profound sense of humility that we present this volume to the world.

C oncerning dates. Although calendars and dating conventions vary among the realms of Linden, the Teluri have always reckoned time as having begun when Telurion and Sharilandra, the First Born of the Teluri, were given life by the High One. That is considered Day 1 of Year One in their reckoning. Linden’s year is divided into 12 months of 30 days each, for a total of 360 days. From the beginning, there has never been any variation in the length of time it takes for the world of Linden to circle its sun once, and thus the length of the year has been unvarying, unlike our own world. The passage of time is reckoned in summers, even though a calendar year is meant. This can cause confusion to those not familiar with this convention.
    Years are counted from the beginning, and are given the designation Summer of the World. For example, Siglin Lightbringer was born in the Summer of the World 9491, or nine thousand four hundred ninety-one years from the beginning of the World. It is commonly abbreviated SW. The Dwarves also reckon time as do the Teluri, but Humans do not. However, recognizing the benefits to be gained from a such a reckoning and respecting the Teluri for their history and wisdom, the Kings of Aridion have adopted the Telurian year-reckoning in all their official records and documents in addition to the regnal year of the reigning High King. This began by Royal Decree when the first King, Valadar I, ascended the throne at Aridion City in 5782 (formally, SW 5782, V 1). Prior to this date, each of the various human kingdoms and realms in Linden used their own conventions and formulas.
    We have here adopted the Telurian convention. All dates given in The Linden Lexicon are in the format Summer of the World nnnn, but we simply give the year number and dispense with the pronomen.


T = Teluri
D = Dwarf
H = Human
OA = Old Aridian, language spoken by the people of the Long Ships.
Com = Common, the language currently spoken by most peoples of Linden in everyday life.

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